Christ Church Kensington is a beautiful Benjamin Ferrey church in the heart of Kensington. It reflects the social history of its community as well as the architectural influences of the time. A distinctive building in the area, Christ Church provides a focus for civil and social activities as well as wonderful opportunities for people to be involved in serving the broader needs of its community.

Community Use

As well as being home to a growing congregation of local residents and students from surrounding colleges and universities, the building is a space often used by local community groups. Each week we see Alcoholics Anonymous, local schools and colleges, a Montessori nursery, children’s choirs, a ballet school, residents’ associations and many others community groups utilise the building for their activities.

Community groups use the building for over 50 hours each week, constituting 94% of the building’s overall use. We have also recently launched ‘A Senior Moment’, a coordinated visiting, care and social programme to reduce social isolation amongst the elderly and most vulnerable and isolated members of our community. As Cllr Fiona Buxton underlines in her letter of support, our building project will help Christ Church to flourish in serving the most needy within the wider neighbourhood.

Benjamin Ferrey and a host of loyal parishioners over the last century and a half have left Kensington a precious inheritance in Christ Church. It has been the neighborhood’s spiritual, cultural and community centre for the past 160 years. If we are to sustain Christ Church for the next 160 years, we need your help to carry out these exciting restoration and regeneration works in order that we might better serve our local community.