The Project

The Restoration and Regeneration Project has been divided up into Key Works as follows:

1. Roof Repairs 
The chancel, nave and vestry roofs have all been restored over the past 4 years, funded by Christ Church’s congregation and members of the local community. We will be applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant to enable us to restore the north and south aisle roofs in order to complete the roof repairs.
Scheduled: Autumn 2015 Funding: HLF & Appeal
2. Improved kitchen facilities
The current kitchen facilities are limited, even inadequate, thereby restricting the type of events that the church can host. Improved kitchen facilities will allow us to cater for church lunches and suppers, refreshments for concerts, parties and for community initiatives such ‘A Senior Moment’.
Scheduled: Oct 2014 -Feb 2015 Funding: Appeal & Trusts
3. Improved disabled access
As we wish to promote the inclusion of all members of our community, we have carried out an access audit and intend to act upon its recommendations to improve disabled access to the building. We will also install a sloping ramp to improve access from the street to the church, as well as a fully accessible lavatory.
Scheduled: Oct 2014 -Feb 2015 Funding: Appeal & Trusts
4. 2 Extra Toilets
The current lavatories are geared for children and awkwardly placed. More facilities will allow for more people to use the building and make the building much more suitable.
Scheduled: Oct 2014 -Feb 2015 Funding: Appeal & Trusts
5. Larger Community Space (the Charles Madden Room)
A large room is planned between the kitchen and the loos at the West End and bordered by the four existing stone pillars and suitable for hosting larger community, cultural, educational events as well as social initiatives such as ‘A Senior Moment’. There is no large open space currently available for hosting these types of events.
Scheduled: Oct 2014 -Feb 2015 Funding: Appeal & Trusts
6. The Vestibule
The small room at the west end, currently a cubbyhole hot drinks point, will be transformed into an entrance for larger services (e.g. for weddings, funerals, Carols etc.) and a meeting room for the rest of the time.
Scheduled: Oct 2014 -Feb 2015 Funding: Appeal
7. New heating system
We were told in 2009 that our current system is old, inefficient and would soon cease to function. Over the past winter it has broken down twice. A new heating system for the church and a separate one for the west end will make the building both warmer and welcoming during the colder months and more energy efficient by enabling us to heat certain parts of the building and not others.
Scheduled: Spring/Summer 2015 Funding: Trusts
 8. Lighting system (complete)
An improved and more discreet lighting system has dramatically improved and enhanced the look and feel of Christ Church, transform the atmosphere of corporate worship, celebrations, cultural and community events and highlight some beautiful architectural features. It will also assist those with impaired vision to use the facilities by increasing the amount of light in the building during services and events. Using low-energy lights will also make the church more energy efficient and cut costs.
Complete: May 2014 Funding: Appeal & Trusts
 9. Community Meeting Spaces
Sunday school, youth group and crèche all currently compete for a small amount of space in the vestry and there are no other meeting spaces in the church in which to house our growing children’s ministry. By restoring Ferrey’s original design for a gallery at the west end of the building, we will create at least 3 community spaces in the gallery that can be used for various ministry uses, church meetings and other small-scale events. The restored gallery will also provide much-needed storage space by doubling the current storage space available.
Scheduled: Oct 2014 -Feb 2015 Funding: Appeal & Trusts
 10. West End Balcony
The West End Balony, a restoration of architect Benjamin Ferrey’s original design, will allow for more seating in Christ Church for larger events and services. It will also provide the space for the creation of a number of the Community Meeting Spaces and additional storage.
Scheduled: Oct 2014 -Feb 2015 Funding: Appeal